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Parent-Teacher Association


Together we help your child grow.

Together we help our children grow.

Dear HSES parents and guardians,


Visit the HSES PTA website for meeting times/dates, minutes/recordings, volunteering opportunities, to donate, and more.


To stay up to date, sign up for our mailing list by clicking here.


PTA meetings are held once a month and all parents and guardians are welcome to attend. 


We urge parents to participate in PTA meetings and activities and are hoping for 100% participation in our HSES PTA Annual Appeal.

Please give what you can. The funds go right back into teacher-initiated projects and clubs that strengthen the school community and our kids. Thank you for your contributions and participation.


Contact us:




Co-presidents: Miguelina Garcia, Wendy Lehmann

Co-treasurers: Angelika Saint-Aignan, Samantha Roberts

Co- Recording Secretaries: Robbin Schulsohn, Lisa Marsh

Co-Communications Vice Presidents: Karen Lew, Janet Kennedy

Spanish-speaking Representative: Dionis Rodriguez

Title 1 Chair: Dionis Rodriguez

Alternative Title 1 Chair: Dea Kampbjorn

Big Tree
Adult Students

Keep Up To Date

If you would like to receive updates from the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), please fill out the form giving permission for the school to share your contact data with the PTA.

PTA Meeting Minutes

Pending Approval Google Drive Link


Approved Minutes - Google Drive Link 

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